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Default Re: Music Pop Stars no longer have to be actual people

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hard to say as I would guess every situation would be different. But I had a friend get on some "making the band" reality tv show (similar to American Idol, I guess), and the contract of winning was downright horrendous. Everything you do is for the shows' producers. Everytime you go out and make money, they're entitled to most of it since they made you the star. You do get paid, but it'sl ike you're an employee of the company. You had to sign waivers giving up your rights to anything original you might do.

She was happy to have been eliminated early on.
That's an eye-opener, although maybe not surprising. The best result would be to get deep into the competition and gain a profile, and then get eliminated to hunt a decent deal from a position of relative power while leaving the winner to pick up the booby prize.

Has there ever been a time when the scene hasn't been full of shysters? I can't think of one. The contractual horror stories seem to stretch back to the 50s.
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