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Default Re: anybody hit this hard?

Are you talking about my picture? The fraying is nearly dead center on the stick and yes there are some dents above the fray. It mostly comes from stick travel in my hand from sweat. Until I can regrab the stick, the dents are going to move towards the butt of the stick.

I will also play with the butt end from time to time (big band) going from side-stick to butt end to kick the tune.

Do you hold traditional? When I held that stick traditional those dents were close to my left hand. I actually did tear off the skin of my knuckle on the rim playing traditional.

As for my technique - my technique is fine. I don't break sticks either. I swap them when they fraying gets too much or the tip gets chewed off. This particular stick is close.

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
The other picture with fraying wood looks common too, but the rim shot marks are way down where my fingers would be! Yikes.
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