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Default Re: computer music production

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
I must admit I'm quite pleased with it considering how long ago I did it, I was a lot newer to music production at the time.

I was using Cubase SL3 at the time, and almost all the VSTs are interesting freeware ones.
I'll see what I can remember...

ahhh thanks for listing them i'll try some of them out! and yes you should be, i really like the songs! not even taking into account how old they are, they're just well put together in general.

i use battery to load up the main kick & claps, & i record some live drums or with my e-kit in superior drummer, if needed, and sometimes record some cymbals. the rest of the stuff consists of various synths (massive, albino, absynth). i clipped some of the synths on purpose to make them a bit gnarly. i actually have the same song but at 140bpm, a little more chilled, with vocals. it sounds quite a bit different! haha

polly that afro-electronica song is sweet. there's a festival on my island that often has some of this sort of stuff, really nice to listen to in the sun! as for the "under the sea" song I was expecting a little mermaid cover, but this is much better ;)
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