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Default Re: computer music production

Will comment on the postings later when I've had a chance to listen. Just listening to You're a Wizard, Harry ... the crazy hig pitched keys are very cool.

I did a cassette album in the late 80s, using a Tamaha CX5, an ESQ1, with a bit of DX100 played live and some overdubs by the guitarist I'd played with regularly. Drum machine was a 707. It was recorded to cassette on a 4 track Portastudio. Soon afterwards another guitarist I'd played with borrowed most of my gear, went interstate with it (without asking me), went off the rails and pawned it. That hurt, although it's all very primitive compared with what's available today.

Anyway, a couple of the tracks that sound pretty old compared with you young 'uns :)

Bazo Gonda:

Under the Sea (MP3 - live electric piano solo by the guitarist - the good one):

Recently I did a thing using a drum track (in 23/8) made with Reason, bowed cymbals, snippets of an ambient tune I'd made for the cassette album, plus some random voices from band rehearsal recordings.

Now listening to Red Guard ... very atmospheric.
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