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Default Re: computer music production

I must admit I'm quite pleased with it considering how long ago I did it, I was a lot newer to music production at the time.

I was using Cubase SL3 at the time, and almost all the VSTs are interesting freeware ones.
I'll see what I can remember...

Subduer and Chimera by Majken, which are a basic 3-oscillator subtractive synth and a really interesting synth that uses white noise generators instead of oscillators, and has band-pass and notch filters after that to define the notes. There's one called Iblit which is a monophonic synth that's great for bass sounds...something called Crystal which I used on 'Who Knows', bit complicated but good for atmospheric sounds...that might be it, besides A1 that was bundled with Cubase 3. The drum samples are all free from Future Music magazine. It was a very cheap album to make, all in all!

Your track is the interesting kind of mad, I like the sounds and rhythms very much! What are you using? And are all your levels in the red, by any chance?
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