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Default Re: Double Bass Left Foot Strength

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
get rid of your double pedal and play some hi hat.
You must obviously be a jazz playing metal and hard rock hating player. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you couldnt have given him advice. By the way the double bass was originally invented for JAZZ playing

Anyways just work on hand exercises but with your feet. Paradiddles, doubles, 8ths to 16ths, different beats(1+a,2e+,etc), and just straight 16ths. I did that for a week and am already noticing a difference in my endurance, control, and speed.

Also from the current DRUM! magazine, there was an article about Tim Yeung, and he was talking about double bass. He basically said you first have to play as fast as you possibly can, even if it is not even, for as long as you can to build up your endurance. Then after you have that you can go and work on tempo.
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