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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by baz View Post
...This kit was used for an Alex Acuna clinic at Long&McQuade in Edmonton.

They had been sitting for a while, so the store was willing to deal on them. I had been making a half hearted attempt at selling my 24,16, 13, 14 Collectors kit, but was not having much luck.

After a couple of months of back and forth between the devil on my left and the Angel on my right, they finaly came to an agreement, as did the store and myself.

The drums are 18, 14, 12. I did not bother with the snare as I already have a couple of spares.

From my initial setup and noodling, these drums are going to take some getting used to. My Classics are so big, warm and boomy, while these Jazz drums are a little on the poonky side. I knew that about them, and wanted them for that contrast. I just have to find the head and tuning combo that makes me smile every time I hit them.


I had Remo Coated Ambassadors on my DW Jazz kit in the same configuration as yours and switched out the tom heads top and bottom to Evans J1 etched and the bass drum better to an Evans Emad Coated 1 ply batter and the kit's sound is just perfect now.The J1's are very warm but still very resonant and the coated EMAD is perfect for this drum.I still use a full coated front head on the bass drum with nothing inside. Perfect tone and just the right combination of articulation and boom.
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