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Default Re: Just ranting about "Fast Food" style bands (the kind im in)

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
sorry, didn't mean to speak out of turn. I don't know much about metal.
When one looks at Rap, they see artists like Jay-Z and Eminem who can sell 7 to 8 million copies of album. And it's true, no metal band gets close to those sorts of numbers anymore (Although Metallica's Black album is something like 15th best selling album of all time, and one of the older AC/DC albums is up there too).

But outside of the big names, the rap genre as a whole isn't that big to other genres.

In metal, sure, no bands sell that many copies of anyone album, but there are thousands of bands who all sell a few hundred thousand copies, that when added onto recent sales by bands like Metallica and Judas Priest, actually add up to more combined sales than the entire rap genre.

But of course, main stream media sees the sales of 7 million and reports on that, because it's a bigger story than the 1000s of individual bands who make up the metal category.

In another thread I posted links and news reports backing this up, but then someone came in after me and called someone else a name, and the whole thread ended in a flame war and ended up deleted, and of course, I didn't keep a copy of a research. When i have time, I'll have to re-look it all up.
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