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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

real name: Alex
age: 25
how long been playing: about 9 Years
origin of user name: Trying to find something that was free on Youtube and now its stuck
top 5 drummers: Fredrik Andersson, George Kollias, Charly Antolini, Dave Lombardo, Benny Greb
make of drumkit: Musik Machine (no big Brand)
make of cymbal: Paiste Pst 5 Rock Series
where do you practice: parents basement (acoustic) home in flat (E-Drums)
are you in a band/s: used to, not right now
covers or originals: Covers to Warm up, then originales
what style of music: Hard Rock / Metal
favourite take out food: Kebap
country: Lower Saxony / Germany
one really odd fact about yourself: I drum around on everything that makes a sound
how did you start drumming: Friends needed one for a Band and asked me if I wanted to learn