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Default Re: Just ranting about "Fast Food" style bands (the kind im in)

Originally Posted by shadowlorde View Post
this is a question for the derek roddy forum ... as a metal head ( i'm more into classic metal and power metal) there is no money to be made in metal .. d-rod makes more money raising snakes than he does drumming .. if you wanna hit it big .. quit playing drums .. write some sh*tty pop "waah my gf is cheating on me with arnold swartzeneger " type lyrics .. auto tune some random homeless guy reading the lyrics ( preferably while he's strung out) .. add bass, a drum machine.. and some computer generated beeping and clicking noises .. top 40 hit right there

the only fast food in metal is that you'll only be able to afford food from the dollar menu
Well, Derek's bands were all extreme metal bands, who do only appeal to a small fan base.

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
i wouldn't worry about it, metal is dead commercially anyway.
go play some pop-punk, or post-hardcore.
Metal has a whole outsells rap. However, it's very diversified between numerous bands.

Originally Posted by shadowlorde View Post
on another thought .. why is the 1st thing people think of as metal is blast beats and some douche in corpse-paint screaming into a microphone while he's sitting constipated on the toilet ... WTF happened to iron maiden, judas priest .. and power metal i can name many metal bands that don't growl and don't use blast beats .. metallica, megadeth, priest, maiden, blind guardian, iced earth, hammerfall ....etc .. i listen to a good deal of death metal .. but there is a HUGE differnce between sonata arctica/ nightwish and nile/ deicide , and korpiklaani, and others .. there are many variations of metal..
Yeah, I love metal, but I don't listen to bands who use a lot of blast beats and growling/scremo vocals.

Popular US "metal" bands include Godsmack, Korn, Slipknot, Stone Sour, among others.

In Europe it seems metal is much more diversified than in the US. Thousands of metal bands exist there who either do not or rarely use blast beats or guttural vocals, even if Scandinavia is often considered the roots of extreme.

Myself, I tend to either go old school (Ozzy, Priest) or various modern European bands who aren't so known in the US.
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