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Default Re: anybody hit this hard?


anyone who claims they never break sticks because they always use the 'right' techniques has seriously not experienced the live drumming of many pros. depending on the style and song a pro drummer will often get through some sticks in a single performance.

Well, kind of true? I don't break sticks, period. Most of my sticks make it about 3 to 4 three hour sets before I swap them out (shoulder getting whittled down to dangerously close to breaking). I use anything from 7a's to 747s.

Carter Beauford, though, on DMB vids is seen going through a couple pairs of sticks every 3 or 4 songs. (With his sig. stick which is roughly a 747, or a between 5a/b). They start to break and he just chucks it and grabs a new one.

My complaint is guys who break sticks with one or two hits. Pounding the drum versus playing the drum.

Think of cymbalsfearme's picture, and I think that is more normal. The other picture with fraying wood looks common too, but the rim shot marks are way down where my fingers would be! Yikes.
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