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Default Re: Just ranting about "Fast Food" style bands (the kind im in)

On one hand, given the very limited commercial appeal of black metal, I'm not sure it can be called "fast food."

However, on the other hand, my biggest problem so many metal bands is so many bands try really hard to all sound the same. And as much as I call myself a "metal fan" the actual number of metal bands I listen to is relatively small.

But as I see it, that's not the point of the thread. Mike got to the heart of the matter and nailed it:
Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
What I'm hearing from the OP is that it sucks to have some vision for what constitutes rewarding artistically-motivated music only to have that vision undermined by people who are more entrepreneurial being primarily motivated by monetary success than they are concerned about creating something meaningful enough for them to want to be buried with it. I get that, and it does suck.
I can relate. One band I was in, didn't start that way at all, but a year later, it had very much become just disposable "fast food" music, aimed at jumping on whatever bandwagon was going by. Although the band did get a lot of record company interest, but looking back, it's not something I remember fondly compared to the other bands I have been in.
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