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Default Re: Where do you live?

Originally Posted by pillow
I'm from good ol' germany. to be exactly, from a city called Karlsruhe. Anybody of you ever heared of this town ?
I lived in Suttgart in 1990-1991, and rode the train all the time through Karlsruehe on my way to Kaiserslaughtern to visit my brother stationed in the Army there.

I now live in the largest city in America not on an interstate...(good trivia question). San Angleo, TX. Population 100,000 (80 miles south of Abilene, and in the middle of NOWHERE).

San Angelo is claim to The Los Lonely Boys and Son's of the Desert, for music talent.

I'm was raised in Eugene, OR, a great College town, but with no jobs.

I'm MOVING in October to Harrogate, United Kingdom to live with my new wife who is stationed in the US Military there. Any Brits in here wanna help me get in with some musicians?

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