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Default Re: Just ranting about "Fast Food" style bands (the kind im in)

I remember people calling The Dillinger Escape Plan metalcore without anyone batting an eyelid. Dem were the days...

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
All I can say is it seems like every day I read these words somewhere in this forum and I don't understand a damn thing.
It's exactly here where your probably should have stopped and
don't even bother ranting.
Don't get me wrong; the compartmentalization of metal genres can and does get out of hand. But loudly proclaiming total ignorance and then making a bunch of judgmental assertions anyway is a little silly, no? Like here:

For Christ's sake, there were always angry teens, but this way of expressing it is getting way outta hand.

Anyway, to answer to your question, I really doubt that as long as you keep playing any genre with the word "death" in it, you'll be making true quality music
(Oh if someone tells me a band is "blackened death metal", that assists me in information in exactly the same way as when someone tells me a record is jazzy blues or free jazz tinged hard bop or funky hip hop. I don't care, while some do, about pigeonholing a group into such a description but what's wrong with benefiting from the information?)
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