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Default Re: Just ranting about "Fast Food" style bands (the kind im in)

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
All I can say is it seems like every day I read these words somewhere in this forum and I don't understand a damn thing. It seems like there's about 150 different ways of playing metal nowadays..

I kinda knew the difference between hard rock, metal and death metal.. but now with all these "blackened death metal", grindcore, deathcore, gorecore, f**kcore and s***... oh, man, c'mon isn't it a bit too much already??

What's up with all the death, gore, blood, torture and suffering worshipping? For Christ's sake, there were always angry teens, but this way of expressing it is getting way outta hand.

Anyway, to answer to your question, I really doubt that as long as you keep playing any genre with the word "death" in it, you'll be making true quality music, so don't even bother ranting.

What I read here was:

"I don't like it or understand it so I'm going to stereotype it though I know absolutely nothing about it."

Might want to edit your post down to something like that, because anyone could go on about ANY genre of music their don't like or understand and it would be the exact same thing. Actual metal is not just a bunch of angsty teenagers worshipping Satan, the sad truth is that black metal is just generally linked with anti-religious/Satanic roots, and that what most people think "metal" is ARE those angsty teenagers playing one-note breakdowns with their godawful excuse for music now termed metalcore and deathcore.

I won't go deep into any of that anymore, but it seems there's a few people in here who do know what I'm talking about. Drummerworld generally isn't the place for metal, guys... but yeah, I live in Niagara Falls, NY just outside of Buffalo where everyone talks about the "Buffalo hardcore scene" and everyone who listens to the stuff suddenly picks up an instrument and after a week with it start a band with all their other newbie friends thinking they can play this type of music too... it's even worse than the crap they worship, and none of them know how to play an instrument. The popular ones around here are as you described, these fast food bands looking for a quick rise to popularity and a quick buck, which really isn't any money at all because no one gets paid worth a damn playing venues that aren't actually venues anyways.

Quality will always outdo quantity, no matter the context... but especially in music.
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