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Default Re: Just ranting about "Fast Food" style bands (the kind im in)

Originally Posted by Evilbagua View Post
Uhhg I hate deathcore and metalcore. I think it's funny thats what most people (who claim to like metal) want to play because they think they will get huge. They don't realize most towns have a dozen bad local deathcore/metalcore bands that will remain that...a bad local band.

I'm in a 2 man doom metal/heavy rocking band and it makes me mad that if I post on CL looking for a 3rd member people are like "hey I am interested, but lets change the sound to something good thats popular" lol no thanks, you can keep your generic breakdowns bro!
Also i hate most break downs. And metal wise i prefer regular death metal and tech death. I don't see whats so brutal about *chug chug chug squeal* and *crash.............crash...............crash...... ......*
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