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Default Just ranting about "Fast Food" style bands (the kind im in)

Honestly whats so great about them? They crank out ok songs just to make a quick buck. What ever happened to hard work and practice?

My current band is this way.
We play blackened death metal, with some rock and post hardcore thrown in once in a while, and i don't want to sound like every band out there. Some guy that a couple of my band mates know, did some generic lame ass deathcore on drums (i hate deathcore) and suddenly they want me to learn bass and recruit him so they can teach me what they want on bass, and crank out music as fast as possible.

Its just like all the fast food style bands... Generic and blends in with the mediocre everyday deathcore bands.

It makes me miss my last band, we practiced every day just to write one song, before working on another. At least until we separated because of different interests.

Honestly im thinking of just cutting my losses to look for a band that cares about quality, not quantity. I don't care what i play as long as its good music. the only reason i am playing blackened death metal is because we all liked and agreed on it, i would much rather prefer hard rock or post hardcore (kinda like the newer Poison the Well) even some industrial is nice lol.

Anyone else think caring about quality is better? instead of "Fast Food" or "Made In China" kind of music?

Join the rant if you want, i would like to hear others opinions on this matter :D
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