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Default Re: How much do lyrics matter to you?

It is interesting to find out what you think about listening to music with lyrics in a different language.

they are very lord of the rings in their lyrics though ( *edit* listen to the vocal line in that song and tell me it wouldn't work just as well with an instrument playing the vocal melody line instead of having words.. that is what i'm getting at with interesting melody being what I first listen to .. )
Many folk metal bands are similar to that...

...but I really enjoy the whole atmosphere of epicness in folk metal even if the lyrics are cheezy... this:

So really one of the best ways to listen to music is to be immersed in the whole thing...maximum enjoyment.

...lyrics are still important but they are just one small thing in a songwriters toolbox.

There are still songs that will send a chill down my spine if I listen to them again, they can be instrumental or they can have lyrics.
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