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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

real name: tee $
age: 26
how long been playing: 12 years
origin of user name: it just is.
top 5 drummers: no particular order- jason roeder (neurosis), chris hakius (sleep/ om), jack irons, stephen hodges (tom waits), brain, bonham (yes that's 6)
make of drumkit: ludwig
make of cymbal: paiste
where do you practice: in a really dark room with lots of amps.
are you in a band/s: indeed.
covers or originals: originals.
what style of music: doom metal
favourite take out food: bbq
country: 'merica
one really odd fact about yourself: eggs are disgusting.
how did you start drumming: i was lusting for a long, underpaid, super-eventful career in the music industry.