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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

real name? Mike
age? 35
how long been playing? 23 years
origin of user name? Long drunken story....
favorite 5 drummers? Nicko McBrian, Tommy Lee, Vinny Paul, Bill Ward, Lars Ulrich
make of drumkit? 15 year-old Tama Starclassic birch/poplar
make of cymbal? assortment of Zildjian/Sabian
where do you practice? basement music room
are you in a band/s? not anymore
covers or originals? whatever I feel like playing
what style of music? Hard Rock, Metal, R'n'R, Blues
favourite take out food? Chinese
country? U.S.A.
how did you start drumming? a couple of neighbors played, once I heard/saw, I was hooked and had to get my own kit.