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Default Re: When Drumsticks Break

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post

I like them both but I've found the Zildjian's break slightly faster in the neck than the Vic's.
I find it the other way about. I bought a pair of Zildjian 6A's and a pair of Vic Firth 5A's at the same time and half an our playing with the Vic Firths they snapped and my Zildjian 6A's lasted a good 2 months before breaking.
I usually find this with Vic Firth though. I got Extreme 5B's at one point and a pair of Zildjian Super 5B's and the Extreme 5B's took a little longer to break. About a month and a half but the Zildjians I bought recently are yet to break, I'll tell you how long it is before they break :)
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