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Default Hi, David here :)

Hi Peeps. :)
Im known as David Ford online, and strangely, Im a guitar player LOL. Ive been constantly on the search for drummers. Not sure HOW active I can be in the forums, but I'll try. But before I started posting, and getting to meet you all, I thought I'd intro myself. I dont want to seem like Im spam, so here it goes,,,(cough ,,,couch,,,COUGH!! Hey, its pollen season :P )

Name is Dave (duh LOL) Im from Boston Massachusetts. Im 39 years old. At one pint in my life I was an EMT. Currently I work transporting handicapped kids to a special school in Brighton Mass. Love the job. Lot different than I thought the job would be.

I originally picked up the guitar at age 6 (Will someone please turn off the background music? LMAO ) Even though, I never got guitar lessons, it never stopped me. Not that my Dad couldnt afford it (trust me he had money) I just never asked him. Id watch MTV, when it was MTV, and kept watching the video to see where guitar players fingers where (someone else's wallet LOL Kidding, cough)

By the age of,,,11-ish I bought my first electric with my own money from paper route. Still I never learned anything, that wasnt 100% visual. Didnt have book etc. I'd say for the next 20 years, all I did was play and watch. As that time went on, Id start putting names to the chords. Id catch someone on a show or video that would state the name of em.

Well, about 6-ish years ago, was playing my stuff in front of a friend who also played. He liked it, but said it was old. He was doing Metallica, and I was playing the Eagles etc. Not that it wasnt good, its just old. What he said was some what true, and it trully hurt. So I placed down my guitar, more likely to never play it again. Just about a year and half ago, my other REAL friend was bull, I placed the guitar down to never play it again. I used to come with things that normal players didnt. He used to be impressed, that I could take my guitar and play lead to things like, his kids toys, or to something that had no melody. Always had a tune, when one wasnt there.

So I agreed to retry, and thats when I met him (well, not him, but knowing of him) Joe Satriani. I heard of him before, but never listened to him. Once I heard his music, the heavens almost sang to me. Instrumental Rock, without singing. I couldnt sing, But could do more than just strum chords. He was right in my alley. So as of today, thanks to JOE, I know have 2 electric, 1 Bass (9 hours old) 2 electronic Drums, several pedals and ready to rock and roll. The only problem is, the $400 in electronic drums are almost useless to me. If it isnt a pre-set, Im lost. My only gripe is not having a drummer. Always doing projects online with guys, but the lack of drums or drummer, is a bummer. Which is what brought me here.

Sooooooo, I know Im not a drummer, but I always need one, and like to work with some online. And Im hoping the Admins and Mods, if its ok with them, ID like to stay and meet some of you. Im extremely good hearted, friendly, sense of humor and work well with others. (Am I joining a forum, or applying for a job?? LMAO :P ) Ok, I guess thats it (plus my hand is sore from typing so much.) Is it ok for me to stay?? Will follow all the rules!! (edit, cant spell tonight LOL)

Dave :)

PS: Just realized we have an intro page, so you can delete this one. I will move this message there, thank you. Sorry for the prob.

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