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Default Re: Just back from Route 66

Originally Posted by Zickos View Post
Should have let us know you were coming. I am just a few miles off Rte 66 in Oklahoma City. We could have had a coupa and chatted. You passed by a great 5 star drum shop in Tulsa called Drum World. What made you traverse the Hartland from Merry Old England, anyway?
Not England, Scotland. Hahaha
My mum and dad have wanted to do the Route 66 for YEARS now and they finally had enough money to do it. I seen a few signs for Memphis and I was like "Must goto Memphis Drum Store" but my parents weren't willing to goto Memphis haha.
I never really had the time to post I was doing it either, it would've been awesome to know where more good drum stores were too. I was in Tulsa too and I didn't see any music stores sadly :/
It was great though :)
Mapex, Sabian, Vic Firth.
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