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Default Re: When Drumsticks Break

Originally Posted by joshvibert View Post
I guess the word "often" needs to be defined. I agree that a rock or funk drummer playing rim-shots all night will probably go through a pair of sticks or two in one evening depending upon how long the set is. However, breaking sticks on cymbals is just silly to me. You reach a point of diminishing returns with how hard you hit something. It's only going to get so loud. Also, depending upon technique, I can hit harder without moving my arm than with using a full arm stroke. If you use a dual-pivot with the first fulcrum being between your finger and the stick, and the second fulcrum being your wrist, you can hit pretty hard without thrashing about. You'll be more accurate too, wear yourself out less, and be less likely to break sticks, cymbals, heads, hardware, bones, etc.
And also just a time factor. When you practice 3 or 4 hours a day you are obviously going to break more sticks than someone who practices a half an hour a day.
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