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Default Re: Hey guys, Felipe Torres just joined the forum

Thanks and glad you are into Amedia Cymbals so much. I love them!

For my current touring set up I am playing-
14" Ahmet Legend Hats
17" and 18" Galata Crashes (with unhammered bells)
20" Ahmet Legend Ride
19" Ahmet Legend Ride w/ 1 Rivet
10" Classic Splash

And I got Micky Dolenz into them too!

Micky's kit has:
14" Ahmet Legend Hats
16" Thrace Crash
18" Classic Crash
21" Ahmet Legend Ride w/ 1 Rivet

I also love the D Rock, Dervish, and Raw Rock series!

Check them out here!
Felipe at Monkees Tour Rehearsal-

Felipe with In Musth-

Enjoy and please check out my youtube channel-
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