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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

This kid is very good. He has good chops and pretty fast feet for his age. I would battle this kid. I'm 14 also and I have faster chops that he does and faster feet definately. He reminds me of Virgil Donati some, but no matter I think I could beat him I can play that stuff he was playing but faster and just as cool. I play all kinds of music. His double bass is great for 14 too, but if you look at the video he's sliding his feet which allows the pedal to play 2 or even 3 strokes on one movement of the leg, like Virgil Donati. His timing is kind of weird or off. If he's gonna play offbeats at least make them sound like they should be there. I play like dennis chambers, Jason Bittner, Geroge Kollias, Steve Gadd, and a few others. I think I could take him or blow him away. If he looked a little more relaxed and had better grooves he would impress me more.
I will post a video but I don't know when. So i will show you then that I could beat him or blow him away.
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