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Default Re: Ridiculous things you've worn during performances?

In the 90's we shared a night with a Les Girls type act (a drag act for those not in the know)....they performed during our breaks. Being young 20 somethings with one too many of life's pleasures under our belts, the bassist, singer/rhythm guitarist and myself managed to persuade the "ladies" to let us wear some of their kit. For the last two sets we were found on stage, as large as life and twice as ugly, with pink or purple wigs, fishnet stockings, tight leather skirts and gaudy makeup.......initially there was a slight pause before going back onstage where we briefly contemplated the stupidity of it all, until one of the guys duely noted that Motely Crue had been doing it for years anyway. Armed with this fresh bout of confidence we hit the stage again.....a bunch of uglier looking "birds' you've never seen! We even threw in a few bars of "Dude, Looks Like A Lady" for good measure.
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