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Default Re: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Here's an interesting thing from Wikipedia about BP's claims of being a hidden Beatle - I hadn't seen this before:
In the same year original Beatles drummer Pete Best and guitarist Tony Sheridan recorded tracks in Hamburg with the Beatles. Later Bernard Purdie added drum overdubs to tracks from these sessions,[6] including "Ain't She Sweet", "Take Out Some Insurance on Me Baby" and "Sweet Georgia Brown".[7] The main reason for this was to give them a punchier sound for the US market. These tracks were eventually released on January 31, 1964 by Polydor.[8]
If this is true, then it seems both sides would be right.

Purdie would be right that he played on some Beatles tracks, and then was paid to keep shut about it, but Beatles fans would be correct that Purdie never replaced Ringo on anything, because those tracks were recorded BEFORE Ringo joined the band, but were only over-dubbed and released to the public AFTER Ringo joined.
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