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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

  • its nearly silent. the bass spurs ar on a carpet resting on the stone of the old fireplace so there is no bass through the floor boards.
  • the sounds and options from roland are awesome.
  • i love the fact that i can mix my cds with my playing and get great volume balance without having to blast my ears with accoustic drum levels.
  • also the module has a very versatile metronome which allows for all sorts of odd time signatures.
  • another advantage is being able to record myself playing a new idea very slowly and carefully, then speeding it up to see if it really does sound muscial at top speeds...then i can modify it or keep it, safe in the knowledge that when i can play it fast it will sound great.

ps: thank goodness i live in the era where poodle rocking hairstyles are a thing of the hilarious past.

pps: animal is a must. he reminds me not to take myself too seriously...i love drumming for the wildness as well as the art.
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