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Default Re: How much do lyrics matter to you?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post

The screamo death metal lyrics...I'm sorry but I can't decipher that stuff, the drumming can't be particularly sensitive to the lyrics in most songs in that genre IMO. That wouldn't work well anyway, metal drumming, to me, is supposed to be very aggressive and not sensitive (except perhaps in the slower power ballad type stuff).
So when Shadowlorde commented on how the singer "spews" words, initially I was a little let down that another drummer writes the lyrics off as not important...but then I remembered that his genre is metal. Metal has it's own rules it seems and my defense of lyrics doesn't really mean much to a metal drummer, because the drumming is so physically intense, and is largely disconnected from the singer. This is just my limited view of metal, I don't play or listen to it, so forgive me if I painted w/ too broad a stroke.

maybe my thoughts on lyrics are based on how the several bands i've been in and out of in the past years wrote songs ... instrument parts were always written first and lyrics were always an after thought. .. the melody line of the vocals always was made with the instruments and the words came later. my usual thing is that if I like the way the song is sung i'll check out the lyrics .. don't talk to strangers by dio is a great example ... porcupine tree, anything blind guardian. as far as death metal goes i couldn't give a flying F what the singer is gurgling about .. i'm listening for the instruments .. i love blind guardian .. and hansi kursch's voice .. they are very lord of the rings in their lyrics though ( *edit* listen to the vocal line in that song and tell me it wouldn't work just as well with an instrument playing the vocal melody line instead of having words.. that is what i'm getting at with interesting melody being what I first listen to .. )
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