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Default A little project of mine...

So I got my hands on the Producer edition of Lamb Of God's latest album , "Wrath". And I decided "you know what? I'm going to remaster it." I'm only doing it because I feel it deserves to have better sound quality. The album sounds almost as bad as Death Magnetic did to me. So I'm going to remaster the entire album. My goal is to have the fire and unrelenting punchiness that the original had, just clearer and more pleasing to the ear. So far I have done The Passing and In Your Words. I also have almost finished versions of Set To Fail and Contractor. If you're interested in hearing it let me know and I'll hook you guys up with some links! As of now it's going well and I'm very proud of my work so far! So let me know what you guys think if you want to hear it!
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