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Sorry but that is not hockey. That is bullying. I have played all my life and I never had to be a thug to win. I will take fire wagon hockey any day. They reminded me of the way Philly wins. I also have no use for dives. That is not hockey either. Go put on Montreal against Russia new years eve 30 years ago Now that is hockey.
well it is old school hockey and the NHL agrees with it because we all know if they really wanted to stop it they could. Don't get me wrong I love a good fast clean hockey game too as the olympics are some very exciting games but there are also some very boring lopsided games. I also love it in it's toughest raw form of knockdown dragout hockey.. I do not like cheapshots or biting but I do love hard checks and the occasional fist to cuffs. I think the NHL has taken alot of flack for allowing this type of hockey and in this politically correct climate they have not changed much which is both surprising and refreshing
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