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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I would hope that if you reach ever the level that Matt is, a profitable career in drumming is guaranteed.

But there's no guarantees.
Thanks Larry but I definitely have weaknesses believe me. For one thing my reading is still nothing close to where I need to have it and there are some classical chops and mallets playing that I've unfortunately almost walked away from. So I've got to keep working. Then there are just times when you want to chill and lately I've started to get a little nonproductive out here. I know the TV show is kind of a body of work. But there needs to be a better branch out. I also think I could do a decent drum clinic and I would be a less expensive alternative for the place that wanted ultra famous until they found out how expensive he/she was.

Right now my biggest obstacle is still age. Guys I would like to be playing with call the age card... as do older drummers who don't want me in their club. But if I'm leading the band then that's supposed to be really good. But if I start all that when I'm 25 then the industry says I'm too old to be a young up and comer. But if I join some rock band as a member then age doesn't factor but I'm pigeonholed.'s all pretty stupid and a juggling act. But it also seems to be the game that goes on.

And yeah I want more school for sure. But I'm not walking away from biz contacts to immerse myself in a system and get the fish eye from my peers at the music school. AIM was one thing. That was a one year get it together program. But doing the 4 year is a way of life, although I'm ready again for a serious mentor/teacher.

My idea is to get myself set up and established THEN go back to school on my own terms. I'm also not altogether sure that my major would be music anyway. But school would have to be where the gigs already were.

Lot to think about for sure.
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