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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

real name? Will
age? 23
how long been playing? 13 years
origin of user name? my name.. i know, its lame
top 5 drummers? Steve Gadd, Elvin Jones, Brian Blade, Keith Moon, Bill Stewart
make of drumkit? percussion plus, modified by me.
make of cymbal? Zildjian K Custom, Istanbul Agop, Bosphorus
where do you practice? where ever I can when no one is around
are you in a band/s? No. recently left. sad day. Actively looking though
covers or originals? BOTH
what style of music? Jazz, funk, rock, blues, soul, hip hop
favourite take out food? Papa John's Pizza
country? USA
one really odd fact about yourself? I want to go back to school
how did you start drumming? My dad was a drummer in the drum corps of Colonial Williamsburg. He got me hooked for when I started band in 6th grade.
"Lay the backbeat home."
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