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That's not exactly a review is it?

Originally Posted by DrumsTheWord View Post
Hello drummers,

I've just recently released a new Drum Instruction eBook with accompanying DVD's entitled, "The Greatest Drum Beats & Grooves Of All Time".

This massive eBook lists the greatest drum grooves from Over 130 Songs, 240 individual drum beats taught in total! The double DVD accompaniment demonstrates 120 of the best drum beats from the book, both slowly and up to speed.

I'm very proud of it and it's receiving great reviews so far. You can check it out on my website here Learn 100's Of Drum Beats & Grooves.

Or you can purchase a copy for your Amazon Kindle (does not include double DVD's though) here if you live in the UK Learn To Play Drum Beats & Grooves On Your Kindle (UK). Or HERE if you live in the States.
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