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Default Re: New Black Dahlia Murder Album!

I remember when Pierre Langlois left the band around the time of the 2007 Anaheim NAMM and those guys were walking from one booth to another asking about leads for a replacement drummer. Then they came to the WFD competition and hung around for a while asking several of us if we might be interested. I'm pretty sure there was nothing in the way of steady money at all and back then I couldn't have done a gig like that if I were interested. And that's no disrespect of the skill level, because I know it's high. But I was 3 weeks into my 17th birthday and in the 11th grade. I also didn't think I had anything close to the foot speed back then and I just didn't know enough about playing that kind of music.

Then I heard Shannon Lucas took the gig and to me that made sense. He's a great player and people say he lives for that music. I know he was living around Flint Michigan the same time I was but I can't remember what the connection was. Maybe it was bad lol.

But it's interesting to me how like a jazz guy most of those guys take this understood oath of poverty to play what they want to play.
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