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Default MTV/VH1 - Does anyone still watch?

Does it say something about me or about these stations that I don't even know what channel they are? Is it because I'm 47 that I don't watch? Do 20-somethings watch these stations? I mean, I love music. I'm always listening to music. Why don't I watch?

Also, I know there's a lot of great music out there today. Sure, most of what's in the top 40 these days isn't my cup of tea but there's music out there now that I do love. When MTV first came on you got a real cross section of music. You'd go from the Bugles to Twisted Sister to Run DMC to Fleetwood Mac, etc. etc. So there was something for everyone.

I think if there was good stuff on these channels I'd be watching. What do you think?
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