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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

real name: Rick
age: 31
how long been playing: 8 years
origin of user name: There are guitarISTs, vocalISTs, keyboardISTs, and bassISTs... Why not drummISTs?
top 5 drummers: Rick Allen, The Rev (RIP), Steve Gadd, Chick Webb, Buddy Rich (not necessarily in that order)
make of drumkit: Pearl Export
make of cymbal: Zildjian / Sabian mix
where do you practice: Spare bedroom in my house
are you in a band/s: Trying to start one
covers or originals: originals
what style of music: To listen? Just about anything. To play? Anything that tests my skills and provides a learning experience.
favourite take out food: Papa Murphy's pizza
country: USA
one really odd fact about yourself: I like going to school
how did you start drumming: Wanted to play drums since I was really little. When I was 23 I lost my job after sucking up to the Man since high school, I suddenly had some time on my hands.
Pearl, Evans, (Moving to) Sabian