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Originally Posted by Latin Groover
2 people have already done a review on creative control but ill do a quick one aswell. I just got this DVD and its great. Also this is my first drum DVD so my rating may differ from players.

I get your points and they do make sense to me since you said that you are a beginner. I am a pro (which doesn´t mean that I´m any good - it just means that I earn my rent and and fill my fridge by playing drums...) therefore it is a bit hard for me, to judge, if a beginner benefits from the DVD or not.

Now here´s what I actually CAN say about it:
I gave it to many of my students and all of them loved it, even the beginners. BUT: NO SINGLE ONE OF THEM really gained something out of it other than a motivation to practise, because they saw great Thomas playing all that crazy stuff.... Some tried to do the exercises and left them soon after, because the stuff was way to hard and - if you only focus on proper execution - boring. Coordination exercises only start becoming fun, once you´ve mastered them and can put them on the drums or better in music. For beginners (and I am now talking about beginners, who don´t know how to hold their sticks yet and are maybe 8 to 14 years old) this is just not it. period. These students need simple grooves, fills and play alongs that are fun and doable for them. If I´d show them some dbl bass examples from the DVD I´d just scare them away. Playing along with Queen or Micheal Jackson tunes is for beginners - they love it because they can do it and feel the music. Practising paradiddles with your feet while playing Flamaccents with your hands over it is NOT for beginners. Just imagine what a student (who doesn´t really have any clue about the drumming world yet) would look like, if you´d tell him: "OK, you did very well on "We will rock you", so lets just move on to some MultiPedalOrchestrations and 5 over 7 things on two HiHats!". You see?? These exercises are great - but they were not designed for beginners. Give them a foundation first - proper tech, rudiments, a Groove toolbox, some good fills. THEN show them, what to do with that stuff and where to put it. For this, the DVD is perfect - but such a student is no longer a true beginner.

Check out Thomas other DVDs - It is much easier to gain something out of them IMHO.

But as I said - I get your point and I guess that many people think about the DVD just like you do. Of course Thomas is great - he is in fact one of the best out there. His approach is very dogmatic and therefore easy to understand - he is just a great teacher. Thats also why I left the rating open - of course its a great DVD and great exercises. No doubt about it.

And I still stick to my point about the wasted time for the twineffect, long solos and MPOs - who the hell has got two or three pedals on each side of the drumset??? Actually I have, but only on my practise set to challenge myself. Live I´d never use that, it is simply to much stuff to carry, hehe.

[edit:] BTW - feels good to be back on the forum again...

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