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Default Re: quick business lesson please :P ?

Originally Posted by RollingStone000 View Post
Regarding the business aspect, you'll probably have to look into the laws that are applicable in Britain, I'm sure you can find some self-employment/business related books. The laws are probably noticeably different from what we have here in the States when it comes to e-commerce.

You might want to take a look at, as a kind of template for what you may want when you get things rolling.

Also, and this is me being a dick, but proper spelling and punctuation would be a good idea as well. Not sayin' just sayin'.
haha yeh bruvva this be me forum tlk :)

but on a serious note, i know to write fully and punctuate properly on a professional website :)

ok cool, yeh i have the website design done and dusted (pretty much) just got to get things running on the business side of things.
cheers guys
gonna have some fun reading into all this
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