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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

Age: 17
How long been playing: 6 years
Origin of user name: Name of my YouTube account
Top 4 drummers: Tony Royster, ?uestlove, (youtube drummers): Jerome Flood, and Pete Alexander
Make of drumkit: Astro (really cheap lol)
Make of cymbal: So cheap that there's no name on it. Some off-brand.
Where do you practice: At school, in the living room on my E-Kit.
Are you in a band/s: Concert and Jazz Band at school and Marching Band the past 2 years
Covers or originals: (I wish)
What style of music: I usually play Funk or Jazz, but I listen to Hip-Hop (mostly the good underground stuff).
Favourite take out food: Cheese Steak Sub
Country: US
One really odd fact about yourself: I'm a twin. (brother plays the drums just as well as I do)
How did you start drumming: Joined Band in 6th grade and haven't stopped since. Although it wasn't until high school when I started watching and interacting with other drummers that I decided to step up my game and learn the drum-set.

I made an account here in November of 2009 and posted about 50 times, but didn't use it too often. I want to get re-acquainted with drummerworld and hopefully stick around this time. This is an awesome site. Free access to advice/feedback from thousands of other drummers.