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Originally Posted by Robin
Excuse me but didn't you read my post? I also said "While I love Mike Portnoy and consider him to be one of my favorites of all time" But I also made a comment about his drum ability. I am like you, a devoted Dream Theater fan. Seen them 3 times and I'm only 16.

It's a fan's choice as to how much they like the drumming or music. This kind of wining (yours) makes me sick; someone that thinks there should be zero criticism. That's part of a discussion forum. So give me a break. If you can't bear to read anything other than glowing words about your favorite drummer ( as I said, MP IS one of my fave drummers ), I'd suggest logging off the internet now, permantely. Else suck it up.
That was my opinion I still stand by everything I said previously.
Sorry, dude.

I was in an unusually bad mood when I posted that, and I must say that I honestly don't agree with most of what I said.
For one, I am a big fan of constructively criticizing someone, which, as I regretfully just contradicted, is WAY different from bashing. I also think it is necessary in a discussion.

So no hard feelings. I'll try to keep my raging moods locked safely inside.

*Goes back under blanket now that he is done making a blithering idiot of himself*
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