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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by Garvin
I'm sure I'll be tarred and feathered for this... I'll try to be as diplomatic as possible.

He has amazing chops, much faster that I could ever hope (or want) to be. I would love to hear him play with a band, though he may have to be mildly sedated in order to share the stage with anyone else. He has the ability to make great music, but I found this solo utterly devoid of musicality. He basically played the same stuff over and over, while mixing in some Afro-Cuban stuff which was the most impressive, but still lacking in over-all purpose.

And those cymbals.... I don't know if it was the recording quality, or the website or what, but I thought they sounded absolutely terrible. Tinny and soul-less.

Now before I am torn apart, remember I'm not trying to insult anyone for liking this kind of thing, and it is unlike me to be critical of things I don't like- I usually just keep my mouth shut, but I was extremely distraught at the fact that there was almost no real critique of the clip.

Yes, I'm very impressed by his speed.
i do agree with you, he does do the same stuff over and over again but still... hes fast. and once again i wud like to see who would win in a d-battle me or him.
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