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I have a good feeling about this.

First off, I think its incredible that you did this " discover the world outside" stint abroad. Speaks volumes of a fine attitude towards living life and living your music. Most people cant do this and even if they can, they'd rather not. What a wealth of experience you must have gained..

I also feel, perhaps this is the right time for you to throw yourself in the deep end. Playing with cats better than yourself. Its a good rule to try and go by.

For that reason alone, I'd love to see you in NYC. Tough market, tough to break in but worth a shot for a guy with your skills, reputation, and the love of the kind of music you love. I know a lot of NYC guys have up and left for Nashville because there's more work there, I still think, there enough and it 's worth a serious crack for you.

Anyhow, whatever you choose to do, if you do it with this attitude, its bound to work like gangbusters.

good luck.

PS- Any hey, I'm seeing big music festivals in your future too..

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