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Thanks everybody.

No I don't have a particular place although I want to tour and/or latch on with something established. Sure jazz is in there, but if somebody hears about a pop, rock or hip hop gig or some established band's audition in most any genre I want to be there. In fact some of you might recall that I was one of the first people talked about for the Smashing Pumpkins gig a couple of years ago when they started the whole concept of going with the relatively unknown super young guy. It was even being talked about on Billy Corgan's site and to this day I have no idea what started it. Yeah I was a little disappointed when that whole deal suddenly dried up, but now since I learned so many lessons here I'm now believing that timing occurs for a reason.

East coast, west coast the middle... or all of it. It can be any music based endeavor that's trying to get somewhere but is already past the dreaming stage. Right now it can be a reality show in LA. That's how open I am. I'm also not altogether an unknown so there must be some nickels and dimes out there. No wait a minute...shoot high...definitely 5s and 10s.

Thanks again. I wasn't thinking my ephiphany would actually get responses. Much appreciated.
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