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Originally Posted by Pirce
He has created some of drummings all time most *MEMORABLE* drumparts like: 6:00 and Under A Glass Moon.
This is one thing I can agree with. Maybe not 6:00, but Under A Glass Moon has a really great drum intro part. Or it would be if the drum sound wasn't so horrible. If DT still have the original multitrack recordings of that album they should really go back and remix the damn thing minus all the horrible gating, overcompression and cheesy 80s reverb. It sounds like a Yamaha DTXplorer or something.

Anyway. Back on topic, this is one thing that I think makes a pretty big difference between technically proficient drummers and genuinely good ones - being able to come up with unique, catchy parts. Tim Alexander was always great at this in a rock context, as are Matt Chamberlain and Vinnie Colaiuta.

Portnoy is a good drummer. But there are a lot of regular features of his style that I find musically displeasing - the whole skipped 16th thing he uses a lot bothers me, I find it fairly anti-groove ("You not me" being a great example of that, it just sounds like the CD is broken). Likewise the constant re-use of the RLFF/RLFF/RLRLFF type stuff bothers me too.

But there's no denying Portnoy has done some great stuff. I just think he's a little overrated at times.
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