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Ok. I would like to start by saying I was one of those Portnoy-fanatics who think Portnoy is the fastest drummer on earth and his technique is the most incredible thing there is.....
I now know he isnt...But guess what? That hasnt changed my opinion about him. He is still my favourite drummer by far. Technique-freaks like Lang and Donati should bow to him, IMO. He plays advanced and complex parts and still remains very musical and warm and makes it all work in the context of the song.
He has created some of drummings all time most *MEMORABLE* drumparts like: 6:00 and Under A Glass Moon.

Of course I respect Lang and Donati for their dedication to drumming and especially drum technique. But I just dont think they have achieved so much as Portnoy in all of drumming, cosī Portnoy is so much more than just drum technique.

Portnoy has shown his abilities in playing on a rather small kit(for example O.S.I and Transatlantic). I personally love his playing on a small setup maybe even more than on a big DT setup. But I must still say MPīs new Albino Monster kit is just pure SEX!!
By the way, MP plays a 4 piece set on the future OSI 2.

And one more thing, I have myself had the honor of meeting Mike Portnoy in person and Iīve got to say he is one genuine down to earth nice guy.
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