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Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Today I was walking towards the Piata Romana subway like I had so many times before. I passed the little corner where a big art gallery hides the Art Jazz Club then stopped to look accross the busiest street in Eastern Europe towards the Intercontinental Hotel facing the other direction.

Then I just stopped ...looked around and decided this was enough.

When the TV show wraps up and I finish the jazz tour in Montenegro, that will be it.

Two years here is enough. I'm coming home.

I got a lot out of this place and I'll take away a lifetime of memories but I'm an American and that's how I feel it...the music, the attitude, the vibe...everything.

What's even more incredible is that I really don't have a plan but I've got to think one will make itself known. I just have to do this because I feel the next step is the real one. I've done a lot of ground work and I'm better.

So now it's time to find a gig.

A real one.

Yep, I know the music line in America is longer than any other, but hopefully all this shortened it up a bit. I've been pretty close already. Now it's time to get over the hump. I plan to leave enough connection here to come back to finish a couple of things, but by the fall I'm dug back in.

If anyone is looking for a drummer...loves jazz most but adapts to all styles then I'm your man. And as impulse as all this is...I feel like it's the right move.
Matt, I haven't interacted much with you directly, but I've seen you around the internet quite a bit over the last few years. I'm always impressed with the way you handle yourself, as well as your killer drumming abilities. I wish you the best of luck in your search for the next gig. If you're ever near York, PA, make sure to contact me and we'll meet up and talk drums ;D
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