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Default I'm Coming Home

Today I was walking towards the Piata Romana subway like I had so many times before. I passed the little corner where a big art gallery hides the Art Jazz Club then stopped to look accross the busiest street in Eastern Europe towards the Intercontinental Hotel facing the other direction.

Then I just stopped ...looked around and decided it was enough.

When the TV show wraps up and I finish the jazz tour in Montenegro, that will be it.

Two years here is enough. I'm coming home.

I got a lot out of this place and I'll take away a lifetime of memories but I'm an American and that's how I feel it...the music, the attitude, the vibe...everything.

What's even more incredible is that I really don't have a plan but I've got to think one will make itself known. I just have to do this because I feel the next step is the real one. I've done a lot of ground work and I'm better.

So now it's time to find a gig.

A real one.

Yep, I know the music line in America is longer than any other, but hopefully all this shortened it up a bit. I've been pretty close already. Now it's time to get over the hump. I plan to leave enough connection here to come back to finish a couple of things, but by the fall I'm dug back in.

If anyone in The States is looking for a drummer...loves jazz most but adapts to all styles then I'm your man. And as impulse as all this is...I feel like it's the right move.
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