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Default Re: Recommend me some great blues albums!

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
In my opinion,Rory Gallagher was the most overlooked and underated musician on this side of the Atlantic.Although primarily a guitar player ,he also played several other instruments.
He was a great blues player with either electric or acoustic guitar,and a slide player as good as any you will ever hear.Any one of his albums is just on fire.If you want a song that will wake you up in the morning..listen to "Suped Up Ford"

Don't forget also to listen to the Allman Bros>Live at the Fillmore East.Great blues playing on that album

Steve B.
Around 1976 or 7, I was 14 or 15, Rory Gallagher opened for Jethro Tull at Shea Stadium. I remember some guy who made all kinds of bluesy notes. Didnt know who I was even listening to.

Don't know if you consider this a great blues band but on the Led Zeppelin I, their first album, I believe that has Dazed and Confused on it, to me, that was a Blue Anthem. Took me a few years to figure it out but there is a lot of great blues on Zep I, II and III.
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